DYPIS Little Wonder in MIHAN – Nagpur

DYPIS Little Wonder From the day they were born, our children require emotional care and physical affection in a nurturing and soothing environment. Every single experience is a totally new one for these bundles of joy. Their world is filled with seeing, hearing and feeling, which stimulates their senses to help them grow and develop.… Continue reading DYPIS Little Wonder in MIHAN – Nagpur


    COMMUNITY OUTREACH Student Community Service Students shall participate in many local and international activities including Model United Nations, and ongoing projects. At the DYPIS, students of all grade levels, will provide support and outreach not only for each other, but to others around the block and around the world. Community service benefits students… Continue reading COMMUNITY OUTREACH

Mandatory Public Disclosure


    CAMPUS FACILITIES The D Y Patil International School is centrally located at Mihan,Nagpur. The campus is clustered among old trees and lush greenery, creating a pleasant and inviting learning environment. Campus The school building is divided into separate areas for the Early Years, Elementary, Middle, Secondary and High School to create a community… Continue reading CAMPUS FACILITIES

Academic Objectives

    Academic Objectives and Experience @ DYPIS To cultivate, recognize, and respect the opinions and contributions of child, parent, and teacher. To provide a safe, nurturing environment for learning where individuality is recognized and diversity is celebrated. To provide instruction that encourages development of each child’s practical, cognitive, physical, social, and moral potential. To… Continue reading Academic Objectives

D Y Patil International School

Principal’s Message As the very proud Principal of this academically selective state high school with a well-respected history of providing exceptional educational outcomes. I warmly welcome you to the website of D Y PATIL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, NAGPUR. Our School Vision D Y Patil International School aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where students… Continue reading D Y Patil International School


MISSION, VISION and EXPERIENCE Mission D Y Patil International School aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where students are encouraged to explore their potential and achieve their personal best in all aspects of school life. Students will be challenged and engaged through authentic learning opportunities that inspire them to develop creativity, confidence and… Continue reading MISSION, VISION and EXPERIENCE

D Y Patil Group

Padmashree Dr D Y Patil Founder Dr D Y Patil, a Padmashree recipient, and former Governor of the Indian States of Bihar, Tripura and West Bengal is the founder of the D Y Patil Group. In the realm of education and healthcare in the state of Maharashtra, one name stands out like a shining beacon,… Continue reading D Y Patil Group

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