From the day they were born, our children require emotional care and physical affection.

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For admission enquiries, please write to us at [email protected]

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Co Curricular

DYPIS encourages every student to engage in a rich and diverse student life.

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Welcome To D Y Patil International School

Nagpur - Mihan
CBSE School in Nagpur

D Y Patil International School at Mihan, Nagpur aspires at developing a sense of confidence and responsibility among students. One of the best CBSE board schools in Nagpur, our students will be able to develop good communication skills, lay down a strong foundation for vast knowledge and transfer positive principles for the benefit of their future.

The key to attract a child's attention is the ambience and acquaintance but the school not just excel in terms of it but are also among the top CBSE board school in MIHAN. Learning while enjoying is one of our best features due to which kids relish the methodology of learning.

Socializing is one of the challenging factors for kids. Like elders, kids also build experience from their environment. Hence, in the basic growing years it is important to fortify their foundation with cognitive, social and physically strengthening skills. Our pre-school helps the child for this growth.

D Y Patil International School MIHAN - Nagpur