Student Community Service

Students shall participate in many local and international activities including Model United Nations, and ongoing projects.

At the DYPIS, students of all grade levels, will provide support and outreach not only for each other, but to others around the block and around the world.

Community service benefits students in many ways.

1. Develops a greater sense of social responsibility
2. Increases self-esteem
3. Fosters teambuilding skills
4. Raises social, environmental, and global consciousness
5. Strengthens interpersonal skills
6. Reinforces community ties

We plan to initiate student led projects to aid affected people of natural calamities, regularly visit and sponsor activities at local children’s home, beautify local parks and beaches by picking up litter. Inside the secondary school, we plan to have peer tutor groups- students who assist new students or students who are having difficulty with certain subjects.

High School students will participate in CAS programmes like working with Mobile Creche, Old Age Homes and charity run/walk events.

Community service creates meaning into a student’s course of study and life.