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Special Features

bullet Competitive Exams- Olympiad, MTS, NTS, SpellBee.
bullet Exposure to Extracurricular Activities and Competitions.
bullet No Tuitions Required. No School Bags.
bullet Safe and Calm environment away form the Hustle Bustle of the City.



Both Indoor and Outdoor activities



bullet Wi-Fi connectivity to the entire campus.
bullet Internet connectivity


In the heart of D Y Patil International School experience the facilities of gathering information in a wide variety of formats, both print and electronic media; where materials and activities are coordinated with classroom assignments; and where students learn information skills that will prepare them to live and work in the 21st century.

Class Rooms

bullet spatial lay-out
bullet maximizing the teacher’s ability to see and be seen by all his or her students
bullet ease of movement throughout the classroom
bullet clearly defined spaces within the classroom that are used for different purposes and ensure students to know how to behave in each of these areas
bullet strategic placement of students with special needs or behavioral problems


Science Labs
Well-equipped science laboratories specially designed to meet standardized measures, equipped and built to international specifications and safety, allows for practical hands on experimental approach.
Art Studio
Students learn the fundamentals of arts, working with a range of mediums, and proudly display their works throughout the School.
Play Ground
play ground for Football, Basket Ball, Badminton, Skating etc.


No Donations