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Welcome from Principal.

Dear Parents,

Education is a life-long process. But formal education can be achieved only through Educational institutions. Dr D Y Patil Group of Institutes is Pioneer in the field of Quality Education since last few decades.

I congratulate the people of Orange City to have such a pioneer Educational Institute in NAGPUR. At the same time, I would like to thank the parents who have sought admissions for their children in this Institute. I am sure that we will get full cooperation to carry the legacy of academic excellence of D Y Patil Group of Institutions further in future here in Nagpur. With Regards!


D Y Patil International School CBSE (Proposed)

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) refers to a system of school based evaluation of a student that covers all aspects of a student development. It is developmental process of student which emphasizes on two fold objectives. These objectives are continuity in evaluation and assessment of a broad based learning and behaviourial outcomes on other.

The term 'continuous' is meant to emphasise that evaluation of identified aspects of student's Growth and Development is continuous process rather than and event, built into total teaching learning process and spread over the entire span of academic session, It means regularity of assessment, frequency of unit testing, diagnosis of learning gaps, Use of corrective measures, retesting and feedback of evidence to teachers and students for their self evaluation.

The second term 'Comprehensive' means that the scheme attempts to cover both the scholastic and the co-scholastic aspects of the students growth and development. Since abilities. attitude, aptitudes can manifest themselves in form other than written word, the terms refers to application of variety of tools and techniques both testing and non testing) and aims at assessing a learner's development in areas of learning, like:-

  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Applying
  • Analyzing
  • Evaluating
  • Creating

Focus on Assessment

Sharing the Learning & outcomes
assessment expectation with students

Use clearly defined criteria

Use and set examples

Give Specific Feedback

Incorporate Student's Self Assessment

Student keep's a record of their progress